A Geordie In The Himalaya

In search of a word.

When I arrived into Delhi, I found myself drawn to reading a book called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. A part of me could not help but feel somewhat of a cliche – the book is her story of a year spent travelling the world (part of it through India) in order to discover and connect with herself. I find her story very inspiring, and I’m grateful for the sharing of her story, as I am of the many other people who have shared their stories of travelling through both outer and inner worlds.

At one point of her travels she is introduced by a friend to the concept of a person or a place having a word, and that word sums up the spirit of the person or place. Coincidentally, before I left England, I was setting intentions for this year ahead, for what I wanted to focus on upon the road. I drafted my list and then found myself drawn to trying to discover the simplicity of a single word that would describe me and/or be my intention.

“What is my word, a word that describes me right now?” I asked myself as I wandered through hotels and airports and sat in the back of taxis.

“Heart,” I replied very quickly. “Courage. Love. Discovery.” Then I stopped. “No, almost there, but not quite. No, my word is,… Liberation.”

I like it. It fits well in my heart, nestled next to my list of intentions. It also makes me chuckle that the word came to me in a toilet at Indira Gandhi airport waiting for a flight to Dharamshala. And it’s a word that describes not only me but the intention of this trip. I’m also looking forward to discovering the words of places that I visit. I’ll keep you posted on that one. (Delhi is oh, so tricky as I only touched its surface, but based upon my experience I’d say that its word is Relentless.)

And I want to leave you with a question. If you asked yourself today, what would your word be? (Please feel free to share your word if you feel so inclined.)

– McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh –

Bliss – chai and a good book.

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