A Geordie In The Himalaya

Just for today.

“Let your mind not be troubled by Who, What or Why. Just tip it and let it empty. Let your heart tip and empty, let it be light. Let you not remember nor grind nor dwell on anything of pain, past or present.”

Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

When I decided to come back to India, one thing that I wanted to do was learn different healing techniques as I travelled, and one of these was to get more Reiki training. My mind became set upon this, needing a validation for my travels (having this most amazing adventure? Not a good enough reason!) – it had the boxes set out ready to tick and I. Must. Get. Them. Ticked. It had the timescale set out. It reminded me constantly in a rather Sergeant Major-ish type voice that I need to achieve this.

I’d picked up the card of a lady in Dharamshala who did Reiki training back when I was here in May, knowing that she’d be my first contact to investigate. My mind, every morning would tell me to call her, but my heart, still adjusting to this new lifestyle and recovering from illness needed to wait.

This daily niggle really allowed me to observe the different voices of the head and the heart, and taught me a lesson in accepting just where I was at that moment. I (and I doubt that I’m the only one) find it hard to allow the flow of life, tending to try and control every last little thing, yet if I’d pushed myself to do the training when my mind told me to, I wouldn’t have entered into it for the right reasons, and I don’t think I’d have given or received as much from it.

In Reiki, the practitioner becomes a vessel through which the energy flows. The practitioner is also advised in their daily life to let life flow through them. How very apt!

Also in Reiki there are five principles, affirmations if you will, that bring concious awareness to daily life. Beautifully, each principle starts with “Just for today…” Not, “From this moment on for the rest of my life I must…” but, simply, without any pressure of thought of the future, “Just for today…”

In addition to the five principles, I tend to make up more depending upon what rises for me that morning.


Just for today I release all fear.

Just for today I release all worry and self-limiting beliefs.

Just for today I am grateful for my many, many blessings (this one always makes me smile!)

Just for today I live and act from a place of integrity.

Just for today I am kind and gentle to all beings, including myself.

Just for today I connect with my Higher Self, and I trust in and allow the Divine flow of the Universe & Spirit.

Just for today, I connect with the beautiful, confident, wise and loving Goddess that I am.

Just for today I will live in the present moment by paying attention to my breath.

I invite you to try this, perhaps let just one little affirmation rise from your true self, that you can hold in your heart just for today.

Spot the moon.

(If you happen to be in Dharamshala or Goa, and in need of a good holistic healing treatment, or indeed some training in Reiki, then contact the lovely Josie or Ajay at Tree of Life Holistics.)





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