A Geordie In The Himalaya

On finding one’s way

“We each have the power to make our inner world work for us or against us. The Universe fully supports us in every thought we choose to believe. It’s even said that if we focus on something for 17 seconds, we activate the vibration and it becomes highly creative. Decide now to break yourself free from the bondage of negative thinking. These creations are not the truth of your being. One of our greatest powers as humans is our capacity to choose positive, loving thoughts that are in alignment with our spirit. When we create harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives. Allow yourself to be the sanctuary that you seek.”

~ author unknown (if anyone can enlighten me, please do.)

In a period of adjustment, it is vital to be kind to yourself.

Remember, you have never done this before.
The map is not the territory, the direction is beyond judgement.
Who is giving you marks out of ten?
Who is dictating your schedule?
Pray tell me exactly how you will move more fully into a life that your soul yearns to live?

On this road I am my own teacher, student, parent, sibling, friend, confidante and lover.
I set my sights on that which makes my soul sing.
This simplest route is the route that is the trickiest to find.
I am lost, footing unsure, stumbling and flustered just trying to find my way, and as action follows action, as my eyes get dusty, as my heart gets weary, I realise that the step into this moment is the only vital step to take.

With this one small step I can conquer mountains.

dl.03.01.17. varkala. kerala.


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