A Geordie In The Himalaya

00 – About this journey

Welcome. Namaskar. Namaste. Assalam alaikum. Tashi Dalek.

In October 2016, I left my home and my job in the north of England, sold most of my possessions and rehomed my cat because I’d decided to spend the next year travelling around India.

You can read about the whys and wherefores that prompted me to undertake this adventure here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It’s just a baby at the moment but like us all, it expands. Just over three months in, it’s expanding nicely. Coming up to 7 months in India – blimey!

30th October 2017. It’s now been just over one year since I landed in Delhi, India with the intention to write this story in regular chapters of what it is to step out of my comfort zone and share the beauty of India. Life changed its mind. I got distracted. And stuff happened. It’s now just over one year on, and I’ve spent 10  or so months travelling around India, journeyed back to the UK for a few months, and one week ago returned to India for a third go round. All will be explained, as the story took on a number of twists that I didn’t foresee, but what’s a good story without a twist or two, right? It’s all part of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.


Love from Shimla, H.P. 31.10.17

You can see pictures on Instagram (which tends to update quicker than the blog – less wi-fi required!), and in the numbered albums to the top right. And you can get new posts straight to your inbox by following via email.

And, for interested parties, a Geordie, is a native of Newcastle Upon Tyne (or the surrounding area), a city in the north east of England. Geordies are best know for their unique accent and dialect, which I’ve lost for the most part due to moving when I was young, and thus I hope makes me slightly easier to understand here in India.

Enjoy, with love.


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